College and cooking in one day

Friday and the fifth day in Tanzania. In the morning we meet ten young people who can only attend college thanks to a scholarship from our learning centre. They tell us about their dreams in life, about the situation of their families and about their wish to be successful with a profession one day. We would like to introduce one of them briefly: Fredy from Iringa, a town 500 kilometres from here. Due to an accident, he can only walk with the help of two crutches. Now he is a hard-working student at the College of Data Processing; he can also live there and visit his family twice a year. This confrontation clearly shows us what a great privilege we have to be able to take advantage of a webetagth of educational opportunities for free.

Tomorrow we will spend a cultural day with 200 children at the Ethnic National Museum. That’s why today it’s cooking, cooking, cooking for us! We will cook in the „good old“ way, the way our great-grandparents did it, on an open fire with big pots.??From 20 kilograms of flour we make 600 pastries with our hands, so-called mandazi.?

We are very happy to be able to help, to quote our scholarship holder Fredy in his presentation: „We are born to help!“

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