Tanzania meets Bavaria

With 200 children from the schools we support, we are going to the ethnic museum of Dar es Salaam. The children from the poor neighbourhoods should get to know their own culture better. In addition, it should also be a trip for joy and unity. We have also invited a school for children with disabilities, they will show us their arts and perform a fashion show and a dance performance. Then we are showing our special contribution and all the children have great fun watching us: In “Lederhosen” and “Dirndl” we are starting with the „Boarischen“ dance. Father Martin explains the following “Walzer”, which we dance together with all the children after our performance.??To see us dancing like this is a highlight for all the children, a culture which is completely different for them.?

Our guests of honour are also very impressed, because they did not expect anything like this. The Director General of all national museums in Tanzania, Dr. Noel Biseko Lwoga, calls it the biggest highlight in his museum career. We also welcome the Head of Department of the Goethe Institute, Nashorn Nascov, and the Director of the Indian Cultural Centre, Dr Soumya Manjunath Chavan.

Singing and dancing is a important part of the Tanzanian culture. Every time we are invited to join in. With shining eyes, the children show us their dances, which they want to teach us. Once again we are overwhelmed by the joyful, positive nature. As since the family visits we have been aware of the circumstances under which the children live. The intensive participation of the children with disabilities was another touching moment for us. Sadly, they are ruhig often forgotten and disadvantaged here.

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