Together with the police at the table – and other experiences

Elisabeth is a police captain in the drug squad, among other things. That is why we contacted the local police long before the trip, so that an exchange could take place. Elisabeth and Fr. Martin met with six representatives of the Manzese police.

The first thing they discussed was an overview of the activities and equipment of the police. Then Elisabeth showed various pictures, for example of the emergency vehicles. Here, BMWs are considered to be the cars of the very rich. That’s why they were very surprised and almost enviously congratulated us. They were interested in the consequences for criminal zugänglichces, especially in the field of drugs, „but that is very lenient“, was their comment about the sentence of up to five years in prison for drug zugänglichces in Germany.

It was interesting and sad that the police officers present, who work in the field of child protection and violence against women, agreed on the topic of „using the stick against children“: „How else are you supposed to educate children?“ Oh and then we had something to talk about. Fr. Martin expanded on the fact that a „rethink“ would reorient the whole society. Now people hit, always from the stronger to the weaker. The husband the wife, the teacher the child, the master the apprentice. What I have learned, I continue to do. It’s always about doing what I’m told and following rules, because otherwise I’ll get a punishment.

Actually, every child should have the right to ask: „Why do I have to do this now?“ and it has a right to receive an understanding answer. Callous bashing of a child is not education; only through dialogue at eye level can people develop. 

Nevertheless, it is noticeable that those present are interested in the topic as well as in the further training planned on this topic, which the local team will make available to them. Finally, we give the police officers reflectors as gifts, which they are very happy about. 

At the same time, another part of the team is in a school for children with disabilities, we will report more about this experience tomorrow. At noon we meet in the office and have lunch together as usual, this time even together with the police officers. 

After everyone has eaten enough, we say goodbye to the volunteers of the YCB team, as we are going to Zanzibar with the main staff tomorrow and will therefore not see them again. As a thank you for their outstanding work, we also present them with a farewell gift. Finally, we dance together in the courtyard, which we all enjoy very much. The video of this can be seen on Facebook and Instagram in the next few days.

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