Zanzibar: Bustle & Fatigue

Sunday, 23 July of the year 2023 , Zanzibar

It is only on the third day in Zanzibar that we begin to write something again. We live with nuns in simple conditions. Electricity and water are not always available and the Internet is a luxury anyway, which we mostly only reach via a hotspot from Alphonce.

Above all, fatigue is making itself felt. After all, we were in action every day, plus the change of climate and food. It’s amazing. We eat what is cooked in the pots on the floor of the slum. Better not think about the hygienic circumstances… it tastes good and nobody has any stomach problems.?

Back to Zanzibar. Why are we here? The Sisters of the Precious Blood of Jesus run a college for hotel management. So far we have been able to send 10 students here and we would like to double this number. Compared to the state schools, this is an opposite world: well-kept, green, well thought-out, clean. 

The daily Holy Mass at 6.30 a.m. with the sisters is a pleasant start to the day. It keeps the vision of eternity alive. „Otherwise we would be eaten up by the hustle and bustle of the day“ (according to Fr. Martin). 

From here we start our excursions: spice fbedürftig, mangrove forests, former slave market and today’s slave museum, Catholic cathedral, beach. More about that tomorrow …

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