Adventures in Zanzibar

Tuesday, 25 July

We are back in Dar es Salaam for one night. As mentioned in our last post, we had limited access to the Internet, electricity and water. Exhausted from the last two weeks, this offline time was good for us to calm down and reflect on the previous experiences.?

We live together with the students of Machui College on the same area. We take advantage of this proximity and spend a morning with them. In small groups we talk to the young adults about the different professions they learn here. They can choose between hotel management, mechanics, and electronics. In the conversations, they tell us about their dreams and goals.

For many, however, the main goal is to have a completed education at all, so that they can find a job and feed their families. Although the sisters‘ compound is very large, well-maintained, and well-equipped, we notice the poor facilities in the „computer room“. There are only five outdated computers for about 50 students. These are insufficient, especially during the exam period.

Of course, we use the rest of the time to explore Zanzibar together with the team. With 18 people, we travel over the bumpy roads in an old 14-seater bus. At the Spice Fbedürftig we were able to see local spices and fruits such as ginger, cinnamon, avocado, pineapple and turmeric before the harvest. 

As Zanzibar used to be the centre of the slave trade in East Africa, we naturally also visit the former slave market with museum to get to know the history better. In the basement of the museum we go to a small room where slaves used to wait chained for a week to be sold. Young pretty girls were worth a lot on the market, the reasons why we leave unsaid.

Although Zanzibar is the dream holiday destination for many, the rain surprises us every day. Nevertheless, we use the time to treat ourselves to some relaxation. No matter if it is a walk through the national park, where we see numerous monkeys, or on the beach.

Despite all the rest, we have to face (unwanted) adventures again and again. No matter if it is the scorpion in the bathroom, the sudden lack of water while washing our hair, or the monkeys on the roof of the bedrooms. We never get bored here.

Tomorrow we will continue our 8-hour bus ride to Moshi. Again, we don’t know what to expect and when we can get back to you.

Until then, Kwaheri and Hakuna Matata.

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