Power outage in Moshi: Hakuna Matata

Thursday 27th of July

Yesterday in the early hours of the morning, we set off together with the whole team for Moshi, which lies on the border to Kenya. We reckon with about 8 hours of pure driving time. Due to the breaks and a total of 9 police controls (not always completely justified) it will take 11 hours until we reach our destination. As usual for a long journey, there were of course plenty of snacks for the journey. Quite naturally, deep-fried chicken legs were passed through the rows for a snack. As a side dish there were sausages and eggs.?

Having just arrived in the rooms and settled in, the next adventure was already waiting for us: power failure in the whole village. In the dark we set off for the Ritaliza School, which was founded by Sister Betty and supported by the foundation. Together with the sisters we have dinner. 

The next morning we start early again. At 6:30 a.m. we are invited to a mass together with the children. 

After breakfast we use our time here again for a little sightseeing and visit the Twanga waterfalls. 

We walk over hill and dale through the green forest to the waterfall. The landscape here is really a dream and a contrast to the city hustle and bustle in Manzese.

After our short hike we have lunch with the Chagga tribe.

On Friday morning we are again invited to the sisters for breakfast, afterwards they show us their fbedürftig. With beans, maize, potatoes and much more, they grow numerous plants, and there are also lots of animals on the school grounds. The women proudly show us their pigs, goats, cows and rabbits. At the end, when we are presented with the building’s own biogas plant, we are extremely impressed. It can be said that the school is self-sufficient.?

After lunch we set off on the two-hour journey to Arusha, where we will of course report on our stay. All in all, we had a very nice time in Moshi and once again got to feel the great hospitality of Tanzania.

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