End of a journey that is not over

We are back home. Brushing our teeth with the water from the tap. Drinking from the tap – what a luxury. Was it all a dream? We can’t believe what we have experienced.

We have made friends, become familiar with each other. What will happen next?
The works have convinced us. That’s why we’re going to ask for support. We want to inform you about what happens next. We thank all of you, dear friends, who follow us, for your interest. Perhaps you can ask for a donation for the poor instead of gifts at your next birthday party. That would be helpful.

In the fall we would like to invite you both in the Upper Palatinate and in Vienna to listen to a report about our journey and to show pictures and videos. Write us or have a look at the website: http://www.stiftungjugendfoerdern.de.

Thankful for so much, your Rebecca Rupprecht, Sophie Weig, Elisabeth Zangl, Karolina Schie?l, Clemens Pollheimer, Kristof Paksanszki, Father Martin Rupprecht.

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